PRP “Vampire” Breast Lift – Orlando

The PRP or “Platelet Rich Plasma” breast lift is a state-of-the-art, non-surgical treatment that utilizes the body’s own natural “growth factor” to lift and rejuvenate the breasts. This procedure is sometimes dubbed a “vampire breast lift” because the patient’s own blood is used in the procedure. But in spite of it’s scary name, there is nothing frightening at all about the treatment.

During a PRP vampire breast lift in our Orlando Medical Spa, the patient’s blood is drawn, just as it would be for a routine blood test. Then the blood is centrifuged, to separate the platelets out from the blood cells. The platelets contain a protein or “growth factor” that is responsible for healing. When the platelets are isolated, they contain up to 8 times more “growth factor” than regular blood.

The “Platelet Rich Plasma” (“PRP”) is then injected into the skin on the patient’s breasts. The concentrated growth factor penetrates the skin through channels created by ultra fine needles – stimulating the body’s production of new collagen and elastin. This results in plumper, fuller skin cells in the breasts. The improved skin tone, tightness and elasticity that results actually “lifts” the breasts – for a firmer, “perkier” appearance.

Over time, as the skin cells continue to rejuvenate, the result is a dramatically younger appearance to the bustline! In addition to lifting the breasts, the PRP treatment also smoothes the skin, eliminating unsightly wrinkling, sun spots and other age damage. Schedule an appointment at our Orlando area Medical Spa today, and look and feel younger and more attractive with a PRP vampire breast lift!

About PRP Vampire Breast Lifts

A PRP vampire breast lift is a 100% natural, non-surgical alternative to breast augmentation. Vampire breast lifts use the body’s own platelets to create the appearance of fuller, firmer breasts, as well as to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, scars, age spots and stretch marks.

PRP vampire breast lifts are neither painful nor dangerous, when they are performed by a licensed medical professional in a clinical setting. Unlike breast implant surgery, there are no incisions, and no recovery period or “downtime” after the procedure. And, because PRP vampire breast lifts use only the patient’s own blood, there is no risk of side-effects, allergic reaction or complications.

In our Orlando area Medical Spa, we find that PRP breast lift patients typically being seeing results immediately after just one procedure. As the skin continues to heal and rejuvenate, the breasts will appear substantially fuller after a few weeks – and reach optimal lift and fullness in about 3 months. While every patient is different, the results of PRP vampire breast lifts can last up to two years or longer.