I became intrigued with the evolving body hacks and sexual regenerative medicine on YOUTUBE including shock wave therapy and platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections. Experts interviewed by Susan Bratton leaned towards the “name brand” methods of treatments. Thus I found Amore Medical Spa as the closest provider of the Gains Wave protocol. Dr. Eisenbrown has impressive certifications and experience in urology for both women and men. She is Gains Wave certified as well as being certified in Dr. Charles Runnels PRP procedures. I was able to have a phone interview with the doctor to establish my candidacy for the treatments. It was easy to get an appointment. The office is clean and discrete. The doctor is professional and explained the whole protocol. I signed up for the series of six Gains Wave treatments, which included a penis pump kit and nitric oxide booster (AFFIRM) to encompass the series. There was no pain or discomfort. With each treatment, I noticed improvement. I added a PRP shot on the fourth treatment just prior to a ten day vacation in Central America. Following the last two shock treatments, I feel that I have regained the prowess of a much younger me.
Many thanks to Dr. Eisenbrown and her staff.


First time I have ever been to a doctor and the doctor spoke to me like a person instead of a file. Cleaniness was awesome. Very quick in and out and left feeling better about my
kids situation.


Very professional while maintaining a great bedside manner. Dr Eisenbrown does not talk to you like you are an idiot. She is also very understanding of your problems and concerns with the treatment plan you have.


Dr. Eisenbrown has such a calming way of putting you at ease and enabling a person to talk openly about anything with her. She is also just good people.


Dr Eisenbrown was my savior with all my bladder issues. She is the only one who truly helped me get some semblance and quality of life back. She is not only a great doctor but a wonderful person. I will be seeing her until she no longer practices. I’m a better person for knowing HER. Thank you Dr. E.

-D. A

I just wanted to take this time to say that my experience with Dr. Eisenbrown has been absolutely fantastic. Dr. Eisenbrown is patient, knowledgeable, and very pleasant. She exhibits a real concern for her patients, and is always keenly observant of the patient’s comfort. She has helped me make significant improvements in my condition, and would highly recommend Dr. Eisenbrown if you are looking for a urologist. Erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s, or any other condition you may have … she is the one to choose.

– Pat Penton
Kissimmee, Fl.