About Amore Medical Spa

Amore Medical Spa founder Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown is a physician who has dedicated her many years of medical practice to restoring patients’ sexual health and personal wellbeing. In addition to being board certified in Urology & Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery, she is also an award winning author.

Dr. Eisenbrown’s two best selling books have helped thousands of women understand the causes of, and treatment options for, sexual pain and urinary incontinence. Her first book Why Does Sex Hurt? is a women’s guide to eliminating painful sex for good. Her second book Sometimes I Laugh So Hard the Tears Run Down My Legs! helps women understand, treat and eliminate urinary incontinence.

In order to help more women, men and couples live their best lives through improved sexuality and greater self confidence, Dr. Eisenbrown stepped away from the traditional practice of medicine to open Amore Medical Spa.

At Amore Medical Spa Dr. Eisenbrown is able to focus on regenerative medicine, that restores the body to a more youthful state. She now offers state-of-the-art technologies that use the body’s own natural healing abilities to “turn back the clock.” With these affordable, effective and natural treatments patients can enjoy a younger appearance, as well as improved sexual performance and enjoyment.

If you are interested in rejuvenating your face or body, or restoring your energy and sexual intimacy, schedule a consultation with Dr. Eisenbrown today at our Orlando area Medical Spa.

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