AccuTite™ – Orlando

AccuTite™ is a non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment that can tighten and rejuvenate small areas of the face and body. This treatment is specially designed to address areas that were previously difficult to treat, even with formal surgery. AccuTite™ can revitalize, tighten, and slim the finer face and body contours, giving you transformative results virtually anywhere on the body.

What is AccuTite™?

AccuTite™ is a non-surgical treatment that rejuvenates and tones the face and body using radiofrequency energy waves. During the treatment, a current is transferred through the soft tissues between an internal electrode and external electrode. This radiofrequency current coagulates the tissue and destroys unwanted fat to provide immediate slimming and tightening effects. It also promotes new collagen development in the deeper layers of skin, which encourages healthy skin renewal, firming, and tightening over the following months. 

Your Treatment Experience

Your AccuTite™ treatment will be administered in-office. Local anesthesia will be used to numb the area and help you feel comfortable and relaxed. The full treatment tends to be much quicker than formal surgery, typically about one hour. Afterward, a family member or friend can drive you home.

AccuTite™ offers incredible results in face and body rejuvenation without the need for formal surgery. With AccuTite™, you can look forward to a youthful transformation with a quick recovery, no scarring, and proven results.

What can AccuTite™ treat?

AccuTite™ uses a focused and precise energy deliverance that makes it optimal for treating small target areas. Most often, AccuTite™ is recommended for small or hard-to-reach areas such as the lower eyelids, brows, hands, knees, underarms, or even the abdomen. Virtually no area of the face or body with excess fat and loose skin is too small for AccuTite™ to treat.

Am I a candidate for AccuTite™?

Candidates for AccuTite™ have loose skin and/or displaced fat in small target areas. These areas are often difficult (or even impossible) to treat without surgery, and may even be difficult to treat WITH surgery. Some candidates may have stubborn fat without loose skin, or loose skin without excess fat. Many candidates for AccuTite™ are seeking dramatic results while avoiding surgery.

How effective is AccuTite™?

AccuTite™ offers a higher skin tightening potential than any other non-surgical or minimally invasive device available on the market today. Not only has this treatment proven to be more efficient than other minimally invasive or non-invasive fat removal treatments, but it is often preferred because it can treat small areas with more fine-tuned results. As a less invasive, middle-of-the-road option for face and body rejuvenation, AccuTite™ is a great choice for individuals interested in dramatic, long-lasting results.

Is AccuTite™ safe?

AccuTite™ uses advanced safety mechanisms, including directional thermal fields and dual temperature technology, to improve safety and control during the treatment. Rarely, patients may experience burns, infection, nerve injury, skin injury, and lidocaine toxicity. All of these side effects are reported less than 5% of the time. As a minimally invasive treatment with no general anesthesia, the risks of AccuTite™ are significantly lower than surgery.

Is AccuTite™ painful?

AccuTite™ is usually very well-tolerated. During the treatment, localized anesthesia is administered to limit any discomfort. During the brief recovery period, oral pain medications may be taken to ease any discomfort.

Can I combine AccuTite™ with other procedures?

AccuTite™ is an excellent standalone treatment, but it also works well an add-on to other procedures. For example, some candidates may wish to combine AccuTite™ and FaceTite™ to achieve optimal results for different areas of the body. This treatment can complement and improve on the results of other procedures for body or facial rejuvenation.

How does AccuTite™ compare to other similar procedures?

Compared to other skin tightening devices and fat elimination devices, AccuTite™ demonstrates both greater potential and more efficient results. AccuTite™ is the only treatment of its kind to offer both skin tightening and fat elimination, with proven effective results. For this reason, AccuTite™ is often preferred to alternative treatments that can only perform skin tightening or fat removal.

How does AccuTite™ compare to surgery?

AccuTite™ offers excellent results with significantly reduced risks and recovery time as compared to surgery. In some cases, it can even provide more refined results than are possible with formal surgery. As an in-office procedure, AccuTite™ is also more affordable and more convenient for patients. Many candidates for surgery can achieve their desired results with AccuTite™ and avoid surgery altogether.

How long is the recovery after AccuTite™?

Recovery from AccuTite™ is quick. Depending on how labor-intensive your job is, most people can expect to return to work after 3 days to 1 week. Almost all AccuTite™ patients can fully resume normal activities within 1 to 2 weeks, including light exercises. By 4 weeks after the procedure, more strenuous physical exercises can usually be resumed.

When will I see the results from my AccuTite™ procedure?

Some AccuTite™ results, such as skin tightening, are visible almost immediately after the procedure. Additional improvements in contour and firmness will continue to be observed over the following weeks and months. The final AccuTite™ results are usually evident by approximately 6 months after the procedure.

How can I maintain my results?

The results of AccuTite™ are usually long-lasting. To ensure the best long-term results, follow a healthy diet plan with plenty of nutrients, and observe proper skin care.