January 24

Morpheus8 Aftercare: What to Expect and How to Take Care of Your Skin

Morpheus8 is a skin rejuvenation treatment that can give you beautiful, youthful skin. But what happens after the treatment? What can you expect? How should you take care of your skin? In this blog post, we will answer all your questions about Morpheus8 aftercare. We will also discuss the benefits and results from Morpheus8 treatments.

What to Expect After a Morpheus8 Treatment Session

Most Morpheus8 patients need minimal downtime. Immediately post-treatment, you will be free to return home; most patients return to work the following day. While there is no need for downtime, the treated skin may have some temporary swelling and redness, like a sunburn. It may also feel warm and tight. These are completely normal effects and will usually go away within 24 hours. There may also be some crusting, peeling, and/or visible small needle marks, which will all dissipate within 3 to 7 days.

How to Care for Your Skin After Morpheus8 Treatment

After the treatment, be gentle with your skin. Always remember to wash your hands before touching the treated skin, and be sure to use clean bedsheets and pillowcases. A few hours after treatment (or before bed that night), rinse the treated area with lukewarm water. A gentle cleanser may be applied after 24 hours, but avoid scrub soaps and exfoliants for several days. Use a soothing cleanser with warm (not hot) water, then gently pat dry with a clean towel. Apply a mild moisturizer or hydrating cream to the area to protect it. Do not use any retinols for 5 to 7 days. There are no limits for showering and bathing, but avoid scrubbing the treated areas so as not to irritate the skin while it heals.

To prevent skin irritation and sunburn, we recommend you avoid direct sunlight as well as swimming for a day or two after your treatment. Beginning 24 hours after treatment, wear a daily broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect the skin. You can apply makeup 48 to 72 hours after your treatment session. Make sure you use clean makeup brushes and applicators. Avoid strenuous physical activities (anything that would make you sweat) until any inflammation subsides. We also recommend that you avoid smoking, drinking, wearing perfume, or taking NSAIDs as your skin heals.

Benefits and Results from Morpheus8 Treatments

Morpheus8 treatments are for deep skin rejuvenation and can provide the following benefits:

  • Tighten loose skin (including preventive tightening)
  • Reduce stretch marks
  • Improve active acne
  • Reduce acne scars
  • Reduce wrinkles and fine lines
  • Correct signs of sun damage
  • Correct signs of aging
  • Reduce underarm sweat glands
  • Minimize unwanted fat deposits
  • Improve skin tone and texture
  • Correct discoloration and hyperpigmentation (including sun spots)
  • Reduce large pores
  • Correct volume loss

Results from Morpheus8 can be seen as early as a few days after treatment and will continue to improve over the following weeks and months. Each treatment session will yield renewed improvements until your recommended 3 to 6 treatment sessions are completed, after which you can enjoy your results long-term.

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