April 29

How Many FemiWave™ Treatments Will I Need?

Like many other medical treatments, you will likely need multiple treatment sessions with FemiWave™. Anywhere from 6 to 12 FemiWave™ treatment sessions may be recommended to meet your needs. Afterward, periodic maintenance treatments may be appropriate to ensure long-lasting results.

Are FemiWave™ Results Long Lasting?

FemiWave™ therapy for vaginal rejuvenation gives women long-lasting benefits for female sexual health. The treatment increases vaginal lubrication, tightens the vagina, reduces vaginal pain, promotes sexual satisfaction, enhances orgasms, and heightens sex drive. It also restores nerve sensation and strengthens the muscles to increase sexual sensitivity and reduce incontinence. FemiWave™ accomplishes all this by stimulating the body’s own healing response and boosting blood flow and cell signaling for long-term results. For many individuals, results can last as long as two to three years. Because the treatment is all-natural, it is safe to get periodic maintenance treatments to ensure long-lasting results.

When Can I Expect Results with FemiWave™?

Results after FemiWave™ treatments may take a few months to obtain, as your current health, age, medical conditions, and hormonal concerns will all play a role. Many women experience positive results post treatment, including better sensation and shorter arousal time.

Will I Need Maintenance Treatments with FemiWave™?

FemiWave™ vaginal rejuvenation treatments produce long-lasting results, with typical results lasting two to three years or longer. After you complete your initial round of FemiWave™ treatments, we can provide periodic maintenance sessions as needed so that you can continue to enjoy better sexual well-being long-term.

To learn more about FemiWave™ treatments for vaginal rejuvenation, or to schedule your consultation, contact board-certified surgeon Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown, our expert in female sexual health. Call (407) 212-9532 or contact us online to book your appointment with Dr. Eisenbrown today.