FaceTite – Orlando

Dr. Eisenbrown is excited to add a new, non-surgical cosmetic treatment to her roster! It’s called FaceTite and it helps promote collagen restoration for a natural and effective mini-facelift without the surgery.

What is FaceTite?

FaceTite is a minimally invasive, non-surgical skin tightening treatment that uses radio frequency technology (RFAL) to rejuvenate and tone the skin on the face and small areas of the body. There is no scarring and no stitches, making the recovery time as short as possible. Fat coagulation and tissue remodeling is provided by directional thermal fields, and dual temperature technology provides greater safety and control.

Reserve an Appointment for FaceTite at the Orlando area Medical Spa today to give yourself the youthful confidence boost you’ve been waiting for!

About FaceTite
FaceTite works by targeting the skin from within the dermis. The entire treatment lasts no longer than 40 minutes and patients can see a 40% improvement in skin contraction, comparable to that of a mini facelift after just one treatment! Patients will see continued improvements for a period of three to eight weeks as new collagen is formed.
Benefits of FaceTite
• No Incisions
• No Scars
• No Full Sedation
• Customizable to your needs
• Fast Recovery
• Easily Combined with Other Treatments
• Improvement in saggy jowls, neck, underarms, lower stomach, and knees!